in Check It Out, Raleigh

I edit Wikipedia

I was poking around Wikipedia when I found a nice page for Raleigh’s historic Briggs Hardware Building on Fayetteville Street. Then I noticed that many other cities have entries in the Buildings and structures in the United States by city page, but Raleigh didn’t.

I love learning about historic or significant buildings, especially around Raleigh, so I did what any good Wikipedian would do: I took the initiative to create a category for Buildings and Structures in Raleigh, North Carolina. I added the Briggs Hardware building, a couple of state government buildings like the State Capitol and Executive Mansion, and places like Dorton Arena, RBC Center, and the like.

I’m happy to see that others have now picked up the torch and are adding other entries. Mordecai House, for instance, has been added.

If you know of Raleigh landmarks that would be good to include in the category, simply edit the landmark’s page and add the category “Buildings and Structures in Raleigh, North Carolina” to the bottom of it. The magic gnomes or whatever who make Wikipedia work will take care of the rest.

Happy virtual sightseeing!

(Bonus: JT.Net’s Merlefest photo of Led Zep’s John Paul Jones now adorns Jones’s Wikipedia page.)