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New phishing scam targets Latinos

Got a hangup call this evening from the number 503-898-9988. No message was left, so its the same M.O. as the car warranty scams I’ve blogged about before.

A perusal of shows the calling party plays a Spanish recording telling the caller he’s won a prize and to press 1 for an operator. I’m not sure what happens next as no one’s posted anything, but it sure sounds fishy. Apparently speaking English to the calling party is enough to get you disconnected, from what people have said.

The calls are targeting the Triangle, Colorado, and the San Francisco areas, according to the posted reports. My Spanish is nonexistent, so I can’t bait these guys like I might’ve done for Great Atlantic Warranty.

If you’ve gotten a call like this, please send me a comment describing your call. And please post on, too!