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Highlights of 2007: Job changes

This year had an interesting number of job changes. I spent ten days in China for Raritan, during which I had a day that I recently wrote was the highlight of my career. Yet, I was getting a little tired of repeating the same spiel every day for four years when I did product demos. I decided to explore other opportunities and so talked to Zenoss on a friend’s suggestion. I was fortunate to receive an offer, one that I strongly considered for over a week.

At the end of the week, I couldn’t shake the sense of commitment I had to Raritan and the folks I’d helped cobble together into Oculan Systems. I opted to stay and was named CCNOC Product Manager at the beginning of April (hinted at in this cryptic post). Finally I had a chance to do something different and provide the product some real direction. I was thrilled with the new role and deeply grateful that Raritan had given me the opportunity.

Wouldn’t you know it, the day after I asked my boss for new business cards I got word instead that along with 50% of the team I was getting laid off. I was shocked and saddened that things had come to an end. I knew what a great ride I had, though, so I felt no bitterness.

Zenoss still liked me, lucky for me. I started consulting for them for three months. Before either Zenoss or I knew it, my consulting gig was up and I became a full-time employee (of which I didn’t post). That’s where things are now.

I’m working primarily from home now, traveling occasionally to Annapolis for meetings and to conduct training. Its a good arrangement and an exciting company. I’ve always loved working for start-ups and this one is hard to beat.

I guess things really do work out in the end.