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Annoyance Calls

For the past few weeks we haven’t just been getting car warranty calls. Another annoying situation has established itself where we’ll get a hang-up call at 9:15 PM on Sunday evenings, followed by one about 6 minutes later. Then, at 4:25 AM on Monday morning the phone will ring again and – just like the other calls – there will be nothing but a dial tone.

I’ve since configured Asterisk to block these calls so they will no longer get through. Even so, I plan to see how good the crackerjacks at AT&T are at tracking them down by filing a complaint with them. Back in my BBS sysop’ing days, I had a phone number to the phone company group that could track any number. I’m sure I can find the AT&T equivalent with a little effort.

This has gone on for weeks now and its time to fight back.

  1. I just got one of these warranty calls today and wanted to share: At 1:01 PM EST on Monday May 12, 2008 I received an automated phone call from 702-520-1465 (Las Vegas, NV). The phone message did not contain any identifying information. A prerecorded voice stated that it was the second time someone had tried to contact me and to stay on the line to renew my car warranty, which had expired. A woman answered the phone by asking for the year and make of my car – no hello or other information, just straight to asking me for information about myself and my car. I asked her who she was and what company she was calling from. She stated that the company was “TECHNICAL WARRANTY SERVICE” and that they are notified by the car dealership when a warranty is about to expire, which usually occurs after 3 years or 36,000 miles. I purchased my 9 year old car from my grandmother in North Carolina so I don’t know how they got my number. She told me to call 1-888-290-9711 after work to speak to someone about my car. When I typed the phone number she gave me into Google, it matched to GREAT ATLANTIC WARRANTY INC. I saw several online references to lawsuits and complaints by other customers against the company. I filed complaints with the Las Vegas Attorney General, the Florida Attorney General, and the FCC.

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