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AT&T dispute update

Progress was made this morning on my dispute with AT&T. I got a call from Ms. Cherry Johnson from AT&T, responding to the consumer complaint I sent to the N.C. Attorney General’s consumer protection office. I reiterated that I never put my social security number on the account in question and that I never worked for the company whose name is on the bill. After some polite discussion we agreed that I needed to fill out AT&T’s “fraud packet.”

She was going to send it to the address of the company on the bill until I corrected her with my home address. Hearing her repeat the company’s address as my own made me chuckle with exasperation. How many times do I have to say “no, no, no?”

On the upside, it was a civil and productive call, though. It seems I’ve finally gotten the attention of someone at AT&T and that in itself is a giant leap forward. It was a good move to go through the AG’s Consumer Protection office.

Now, let’s wait to see what the “fraud packet” entails. The only fraud I believe has been perpertrated here is AT&T fraudulently attaching my social security number to this account.