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Hurricane Fran, 11 years ago

I thought today’s date looked familiar. Today’s the anniversary of the morning after Hurricane Fran came ashore. For some like me, the night it came ashore and the following day blended together, as I didn’t get much sleep after a tree came to rest 3 feet away from my once-sleeping head.

(I blather about this every year, don’t I? A sign of geezerhood?)

There’s a weak storm churning off of Wilmington now which hopefully will bring rain to the parched state. Let’s hope it stays weak, but brings the rain.

  1. can it hold off over the weekend? Its not fun to ride in the rain… 🙁

  2. Geezers Unite! Everyone has to have a “storm of 07” story for their old age. The one you always tell before the story of Grandma and the lamp shade… just before she cuts off the beer fridge…. That of course and the distance we walked to school in the snow carrying the out sized geography book.

    This could be the first test of the weather station :-D.

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