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AT&T Is Evil, Reason Number 53462

I just posted this to the Internetworkers list. I thought I’d post it here for your comments.

Let me throw this out for y’all and see what y’all have to say.

In the past, I worked as a computer consultant. One of the things I did was install Asterisk servers for some local companies. One of those companies has since gone out of business and owes AT&T money. AT&T is now coming after me for the bill the former company owes, thinking that somehow I am responsible for this money. The collection agency somehow obtained my social security number in spite of my never providing it to the defunct company, nor AT&T in relation to the work I did for this defunct company. The only way I can guess my social security number was obtained was by AT&T itself, as I am a Bellsouth residential customer of theirs.

The information the collection agency has for me is almost totally incorrect, yet they will not listen to reason (why should they?), nor
will AT&T admit that I am not connected to this bill.

I’d rather not take this to court, but I’m sure not going to pay a bill I don’t owe. I WILL file a complaint against AT&T with the N.C. Public Staff, but outside of that does anyone have any advice on how to proceed?


Let me add to this that I am completely certain if this goes to court that I will win, as I am not connected to the former company and it cannot be proven in a court of law that I was in any connected to the former company. Even so, I do not wish to go through the trouble of a trial.

If anyone has suggestions, I’d love to hear ’em.

  1. Even if you were an employee of the company – you would not be responsible for the company’s debts. Those belong to the owners or shareholders, of which I assume you are neither. I would right a detailed and stern letter, send it to both the collection agency and AT&T, copy the insurance appropriate regulatory officials, and see what happens.

  2. Maybe it would be useful to contact our U.S. Senetors. They have to be looking for something positive they can tout before the next election.

    Another thought involves 5 on your side…

    Certainly a switch to another provider would be an option no matter what.

  3. If our current Senators were worth the carbon they’re made from, perhaps I’d consider it. Rep. Miller, with his focus on reigning in predatory lending, might be a better choice.

    I contacted 5 On Your Side yesterday. Hopefully they’ll respond but I’m not sure. They seem to be focused on issues where products don’t work as advertised. This is a little different.

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