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Revenge Of The Cable TV Monopoly?

Hours after I posted my glee about the apparent defeat of the Local Government Fair Competition Act (HB 1587), my home’s cable modem goes kaput. Hmmmmm. Now, where did I put my tinfoil hat?

Interestingly, still not a word about this in the local high-profile press, as far as I know.

Update: At the moment I posted this, Ryan Teague Beckwith at the N&O mentioned it in the paper’s politics blog, so that’s some mention, anyway.

Update 2, 9AM: My cable modem is online again. Looks like a routine firmware update might have taken place last night, giving the modem a new IP address and making it temporarily invisible from the outside world. It had been months since that had happened, so I was due. No conspiracy here, move along. 🙂