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My Cable TV Post Sparks a Firestorm


It seems I started a firestorm recently on the local Triangle Internetworkers (INW) mailing list. The INW list is the mailing list for local tech geeks where subject run the gamut.

One poster was looking for broadband options for his church. I suggested that it’d be great to have options, including municipal ones, and I linked to my prior post about the Local Government Fair Competition bill.

Phillip Rhodes, our resident Libertarian, took issue with my characterization of the Act, and while I do not always agree with Phil’s viewpoints, he crafts his arguments well and I find them enlightening. His response to me is what really got the discussion going, with well over 30 replies. I considered jumping in myself but opted instead to watch others defend my views and add their own.

I didn’t mean to create a ruckus, I just wanted to highlight what I think is bad legislation. The discussion that followed was enlightening, true. I only wish it was focused more on the bill itself and not a debate on the merits of libertarianism.

I can think of very few subjects on the INW list that have elicited the kind of response that this has. And its still going on!

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  • Phillip Rhodes' Weblog July 18, 2007

    On Mark Turner’s “Firestorm”…

    Mark Turner recently posted a blog entry referring to
    the same discussion I mentioned in my own last blog post . One thing he said that I’d like to comment
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    “The discussion that followed was enlightening, true. I only wish it…