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New Position – Product Manager!

Its past time that I can spill the beans as to what this was all about. I’ve been promoted to Technical Product Manager for the product I’ve been selling for the past four years. Now I get to do something about all those product enhancement requests I’ve submitted over the years: I get to decide which ones to implement!

There’s a lot for me to learn about the role, but I’ve certainly got the right background and experience to take it on. I know the product better than most anyone. I’ve got a unique insight into the market – having done hundreds of sales calls over the years. I’ve got a solid IT background which provides me familiarity with the problems our customers are trying to solve. Lastly, I am known and respected (I think – heh) by our development staff so interacting with them should be productive and fun.

I officially began my new role last week, and knew about it sooner as my earlier post indicated, but I didn’t announce it here because I was waiting for an official announcement. Since I am the primary person for posting announcements on the company’s internal blog, few of my coworkers could post about it there (and I can’t announce my own promotion to the rest of the company – it wouldn’t be right).

Oh, and I won’t be traveling nearly as frequently as I used to, which is a big plus. I’m still the primary contact for product training, though, so there will be occasional trips here and there. Certainly much saner than the kind I’ve been doing.

Wish me luck on my new role!

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