in Checking In

Indelible Blues

We took the kids to the Halloween Trail event at our neighborhood Durant Nature Park (motto: “come see nature before Jesse Taliaferro paves over it!“). As Hallie and Travis worked on creating styrofoam bugs to hang on the giant web, I noticed the guy next to me looked familiar.

Sure enough, he was familiar. It was Scott Reston, my former coworker at Indelible Blue over seven years ago. Scott built the website thingies and I handled the Linux products and support.

Scott and I talked about how cool it was to go to work and start the day off with a mountain bike ride with the company president, Buck Bohac. Though I never biked with Buck, I did rollerblade with him from time to time in the parking lot out front.

Buck used to bike the 15 miles into work each day. His and his wife Katy let their dog Einstein, a Great Pyrenees, have the run of the place. There were beanbag chairs only in the conference room, too, and onsite daycare once-upon-a-time.

In short, Buck and Katy were two of the best bosses I’ve ever had. I took a huge pay cut to work there just for the experience of working for them, and to this day I don’t regret it. The job didn’t pay much at all but it showed me that money isn’t everything (something I should have remembered in November 2002). It was a blast.

It was good to see Scott and recall that fun place to work, gone forever but whose building now sits less than a mile from our home. Word has it that Buck is still busy with Prism Data Works, though I haven’t kept up with him (or he, me).

(Interesting how when one does a web search for Buck, his words appear on porn websites designed to spam the search engines.)