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Hurricane Party Warning

A look at the calendar shows that an important anniversary is approaching. September 5th, 1996 was the night Hurricane Fran slammed ashore at Wilmington and took I-40 straight through Raleigh. Many were without power for a week or longer. Among downed trees and powerless apartments, I invited friends over for a hurricane party. That night we grilled food and partied under one of the clearest, deepest night skies I’ve ever seen.

September marks ten years. Its time for another hurricane party! We’re hosting a party at our house the afternoon and evening of Saturday, September 9th, when we’ll recreate hurricane conditions. There’ll be grilling, drinks and fun, but no lights! We’ll make an exception for air conditioning and refrigeration (wouldn’t want any ham to go bad). Oh, wind, rain, and falling trees aren’t anticipated, either.

So mark your calendars! Look for more details when we get closer. The wind is building . . .

  1. You realize you’ve just doomed us all, don’t you. 😛 Expect a hurricane bigger and stronger than Fran to hit right then and there. Hmm… perhaps I should plan to be out of town. 😛 🙂

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