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Ivan The Terrible

Just when you thought it was safe to be a state near the water, Hurricane Ivan approaches. Word on the street is that Ivan will make Hurricane Frances look like a cakewalk. Someplace on the north side of the Gulf is going to get clobbered, and clobbered bad.

Right now it ain’t looking good for the area between Panama City and Tallahassee.

  1. What’s a “hurricane”??? … HA!!!

    from dry, sunny and horribly hot Palm Desert, California!!!

  2. if the system off the east coast moves further east S Fla could be in for the trifecta

  3. Trifecta??? We got hit FOUR times already. TS Bonnie, H Charley, H & TS Frances. Go away Ivan the Terrible!

  4. I meant the hurricane trifecta, which is a rare occurance. Especially to have Cat 4’s hit more than once.

    unfortunately I think Florida is going to get this one too.

  5. We have a thunder storm with rain outside right now for the first time in months!!!


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