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N&O: Pink-Slip Party Finds Relief In Timing

The News and Observer ran the Oculan jobless story in today’s paper. Article is in the Work section, lower front page, called Pink -Slip Party Finds Relief In Timing. It also has pictures.

I got quoted, though my “finding work in one week” seems pretty stupid in print. Amazing what beer can add to an interview! The reporter, Vicki Parker, did call me up yesterday to see if I had actually performed this amazing feat. I ‘fessed up that, no, I had not.

Overall, though, the article is a positive thing. Folks sound pretty positive, and that can only help in finding work. Parker kept the door open for a follow-up article in a couple of months. Let’s hope she’s got more good news to report.

  1. Hey Dude, could you make life just a little easier for me and have the N&O print your social security number too?

  2. If you were a REAL identity thief, you’d realize that this information is already available from the Wake County website.

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