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Merry Christmas

Well, Santa was good to the Turner household. Highlights include a nice bracelet for Kelly, a basketball goal for Hallie, and a weather station for yours truly. It is a WM918 from Oregon Scientific.

There’s a funny story about how the weather station arrived. Kelly ordered it for me from an online retailer and it was delivered via FedEx in time for Christmas and all was well. Not long after that, the doorbell rang again. A confused UPS man stood on the porch, delivering a FedEx package out of his Ryder truck. Kelly then opened it to find – you guessed it – another weather station! Boy, Kelly really outdid herself this year.

I’m checking into some Linux-based weather software, like WX200, WX200d, or the Star Trek-looking Wx/Net, to help archive the weather data. Before long, I’ll be boring everyone I know with arcane weather statistics! W00t!

  1. Mark – did you send the other weather station back? I haven’t checked the specs yet but I have been in the market for one. I didn’t get a weather station for christmas. I only got a 1985 Cessna 172 and unlimited use of a Piper Meridian. I wish. Still no plane. – Greg

  2. Don’t scare me like that. I about had a heart attack when you said you got a plane. Dork. 🙂

    I may be able to sell you the extra weather station. I don’t think the retailer would have any problem with someone paying them for it rather than shipping it back and having it languish in a warehouse. Still, I’ve got to see what they say, since they were expecting it back.

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