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Keys keys keys

I hate keys. However many keys I have on my keyring is too many. They weigh my pockets down, they wear down the fabric on my pants, they’re bulky and uncomfortable, and they are based on outdated technology thousands of years old.

Why hasn’t someone come out with commercial keyless products for things like residential door locks and car ignition systems? Fingerprints, retina scanning, electronic smart cards, whatever. There are so many new ways for identification its mind-boggling. I rushed out and signed up for Exxon’s Speedpass , thinking I could use it for purchases everywhere. Turns out there are few places I could use it.

I have seven keys on my keychain, not counting the key fob I have for my office door. This is actually the lightest load on my keychain in a long time. Two of them are big, bulky car keys that have no reason for being bulky other than to make them stand out. These I hate the most. 🙂

After looking my keychain over, I decided I can remove three keys; three keys that I use maybe twice a year but for some reason still carry around every day.

I’d love to dispense with the other four, too, but it’ll probably take another fifty years before manufacturers catch up with technology and finally make the metal key obsolete. Man, I can’t wait.