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Web logging software installed!

Finally! I now have a voice on the web. I’m using bpblog to run my web log.

So now I won’t have such a boring, static, yucky webpage anymore. I can run wild with my Internet postings. And for great justice, too!

Writing on the web has appealed to me for some time, but now more than ever. You see, I am a lazy man by nature. One day it dawned on me that the reason I kept a bookmark file full of news and commentary sites was because I was looking for a voice that matched my own. That way, I could have an opinion on the web without being bothered to do it myself!

Needless to say, this was a fruitless search. There are a lot of sites I admire, but few can speak for me. So, this weblog was born.

This achievement took a few days to put into place. I was basically bored at work, so the finishing touches filled up my day here.

Now I will go about putting some nice touches on it before the end of the day. Then, my boss – a pilot – will take me for a spin in his Cessna 172. I’m confident this trip will reignite my interest in flying. All that, and there’s an open house at the local flight school!