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Ty Harrell sponsors anti-municipal Internet bill

ty_harrellNow that Time Warner Cable feels secure enough in its near-monopoly of high-speed Internet access to greatly raise its rates, it has turned its attention to strengthening its monopoly by effectively blocking any N.C. city from providing alternatives.

N.C. Rep. Ty Harrell of Wake County has sponsored just such a bill, known as House Bill 1252. Just when high-speed Internet users stuck with Time Warner Cable (or its partners such as Earthlink) were dreaming of one day having what our neighbors in Wilson have, Time Warner Cable seeks to take that away.

I know Ty and consider him a friend, so it makes it all the more distressing to know he’s sponsoring this. Please contact Ty and other representatives and let them know how you feel.

Also, if you can attend Wednesday morning’s N.C. Science and Technology committee meeting, please do so. And add the Save North Carolina’s Broadband site to your daily reads!

  1. In Richmond we have quite a few choices. Comcast has just raised our rates and reduced the services that they offer. Luckily we can move to Verizon with more services and a better price.

    The availability of broadband is absolutely key to everything. If they are allowed to limit our options, they will maximize profit and minimize service.

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