What's with the Flea Forum?

Hi! Welcome to the Flea Forum. The Forum is our first pathetic attempt at designing Web pages. It's crude, rude, and unfinished. Give us some time and we'll have this baby all fixed up.

So why the name? With two cats, we have plenty of fleas to go around. The place is crawling with 'em. That stuff makes ya itch. Yup. So now you get to share them too.

With the links available on these pages, you can sample some of our favorite Internet hangouts. Check 'em out. Look around. And most importantly, drop us a line if you like what you see.

Our Web expertise is available to you. Send us email for more information.

Now. You've probably got better things to do now other than sit there and waste precious bandwith staring at this Web site. So go get going. Your momma's callin' ya.

[A word from Mr. Sol Rosenberg...]

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