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Tour information now available for The Lincolns!!!

We've changed our name and hopefully this will be the last time. We've gone through some major changes which will be reflected here. The recording is finished and as soon as we get some money (yeah, right), we'll release it. Email if you want to recieve info or just keep coming back to this page for up to date info. I plan to add the following links as soon as I have them and have time to create them but if anybody wants to help out just drop a line and I'll be glad to have your input.

If you have any other ideas, please send them along and if we use them we'll send you a recording of our new stuff or get you into one of our shows for free( we may even buy you a beer but you'd have to look at least 21 )


Down for the Count is the first cut off our recording and we offer a sample here for you listening pleasure...

There's a project going on at Sunsite-UNC called NC Meme that has a listing of several area bands. Go check it out and support the local music scene.

We only have two shows coming up but I'll post the others as they come along. So keep checking this page for more info...

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