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Fixed dishwasher

Bosch dishwasher control board

This past Sunday we noticed our Bosch dishwasher never shut off. It got stuck at the end of the cycle, with one minute showing on the timer for well over two hours. Kelly did some hunting on the Internet and diagnosed the problem as a faulty control board.

More sleuthing turned up a YouTube Video showing not only how to get to the control board, but how to fix it, too! A faulty relay was the culprit, and if one is handy at soldering it is a quick fix. I could also skip the soldering and replace the control board. When my local parts store didn’t have it in stock, I was faced with a choice: I could either wait for a new control board to be delivered or I could wait for a relay to be delivered.

I ordered a new relay on Sunday and washed dishes by hand until it arrived today (Thursday). My neighbor Tim is a hardware tech and volunteered to install my new relay for me. He did in five minutes – far faster than I could’ve done it!

Once the new relay was on the control board, I simply reconnected everything and ran a wash cycle. When my thermometer showed the dishwasher water 20 degrees F hotter than the hot water heater temperature, I knew the relay was working and the dishwasher was fixed!

So, I spent about 30 minutes total disassembling and reassembling the dishwasher, 10 minutes walking to and from Tim’s house, and about 10 minutes watching him solder. I spent four days washing dishes by hand and $9 on the new relay and postage.

Had I replaced the control board, I would have been out $160 and still had been washing dishes until it arrived. Had I called a technician, I would’ve been out an additional $150 for the service calls, shipping, and markup, not to mention having had to work from home that day while the tech did her work. Thus, I probably saved about $300 by fixing it myself. Not too shabby for something that was also fun!