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MT meets JT

OMG, I just shook James Taylor’s hand. How cool is that?

I saw before soundcheck that his crew walking to Marbles with a carton of coffee so I guessed that’s where he was hanging out. After today’s show (which I’ll blog about soon) I went to the board of elections to vote, chatted with an old friend there, and then wandered back to Moore Square. As I looked in the windows of Marbles, I spotted an eight-foot-tall man in a wide-brimmed hat lumbering up the sidewalk towards the Imax Theatre. A small group of fans were making their way back to their cars and stopped for some photographs with Taylor, who was gracious in the requests.

As he was about to head inside, I thrust my hand out to him and he shook it.

“Thanks for coming, Mr. Taylor,” was all I could manage.

“Thank you,” he answered sincerely in his quiet way, smiling and then posing for yet another photograph. Sadly not mine, though, as I had ditched my camera after the show.

I didn’t get a photograph, or an autograph. But what I got was enough. I shook the hand of the legendary James Taylor.


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