Fun With CallerID

I got my Sipura yesterday and spent the evening configuring it and my Asterisk server. I was in a high-fiving mood once I heard it ring. Woot!

One cool thing I experimented with was the ability to set the outgoing CallerID to anything I want. In essence, you can fake a call from anywhere. I assume it works for *69, too, meaning those prank calls just became much more fun.

On Metafilter today, I found a company that haqs found an interesting use for this, um “flexible” CallerID stuff.

Randall for Congress breaks the law?

A neighbor got a political robocall on behalf of Randall for Congress yesterday. While that’s not unusual, what IS unusual is that the company calling on behalf of Randall spoofed the CallerID on the call, pointing it to a disconnected number in the 919 area code. This is in apparent violation of NCGS ยง 75-100, […]

Scam call from 724-978-8989

Some folks on the Internet are reporting a scam phone call from 724-978-8989, claiming the person called has won $3000 travel dollars or somesuch. I just got a call from the number on my mobile and never heard a thing. For the folks who are finding this from an Internet search, the number shown on […]

More on the Police Protective Fund

I did some more poking around the Police Protective Fund and discovered more. The state of Missouri tipped me off that the “charity” is incorporated here in North Carolina, of all places, and lists a corporate services company on Hillsborough Street as its registered agent. Its also licensed charity number SL000978 in North Carolina, with […]

VoIP and 911

A lot of people thinking of switching their phone service over to voice-over-IP (VoIP) are nervous about losing their ability to dial 911. While that used to be an issue it is not anymore, now that Enhanced 911 service is offered by most VoIP companies. Our new home doesn’t have any landline service, so we’ve […]

Our outrageous phone bill

We just got our phone bill today – and boy, was it outrageous. It isn’t outrageously expensive, though: its outrageously cheap! We’ve been charged $20 for our phone service. That’s right: twenty bucks … since May 15th! That’s $20 for ten weeks of service! And its all because we switched our phone service from AT&T […]