in Checking In

Where’s Mark?

Been a while since I posted. As y’all should know by now, that means I’ve been busy! Got home from Spain with so much to say about the trip but couldn’t find the time to put it all down. Instead, I had consolidate my two Amazon instances into one, working to save money (and complexity). Since my old server was running CentOS 6.x and I wanted to be able to run Docker, I had to build an identical server, only based on CentOS 7.x. This took a while to transfer but hopefully no one out there noticed.

The reason I wanted Docker was to work on a new project, kicking the tires of new web forum software that I hope to use here in Raleigh for a new community site. It took some work but I got it going, though launch date is still several weeks away.

In the meantime, I prepared for my follow-up colonoscopy, hauled the kids around town, planned a summer vacation, and spent several hours working on our boat, Whimsy, to get it shipshape for selling. Add to this the work I’ve been doing for Central Raleigh CERT and the Democratic Party (who knew how crazy things would get?) and that doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

Oh, and on a whim last month I decided to start running. Kelly and I often get awakened at the crack of dawn by our dog, whining to go for his walk. I pondered my daily schedule and realized I could shift some of my routine around and get in a 30+ minute run first thing. So, three times a week for a few weeks now I’ve been dragging myself out of bed and plodding around a 3 mile course through the neighborhood. Friday morning was 22 degrees F and I still got in a good run, so I guess I’m serious about this. My next goal is to do a 5K. It turns out Ligon Middle School’s Bolt for the Blue is April 30, which is about the right timing for my first race in a while. Should be good.

I’ve got more posts to share. Been saving them up for when I have time and it seems I’ll have some time soon to do some catching up.