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Highlights of 2015: Health investment

Back to my Highlights of 2015 (it’s March, right?).

I made a lot of investments in my health in 2015. Working on Centennial Campus, I began to take regular walks around campus during lunchtime, often clocking 20 minutes or more of walking that way. When I took my new job in October, my office was within easy walking distance of my home. I began walking to work on a regular basis. Add this to a morning dog walk most weekday mornings and an occasional evening dog walk and I routinely clock over an hour of walking each day.

I also got on board with the Veterans Administration healthcare. This was spurred on by my ususal health issues that I suspect are related to my Gulf War service. As I mentioned recently, the VA has taken pretty good care of me. I am also now in the middle of a drug trial for prednisone for treating Gulf War illness, but that started in February and not 2015!

For the first time ever I had a colonoscopy, taking place right before Thanksgiving. Can’t say it was a lot of fun but it did find two precancerous growths. The prep was the worst part; the procedure itself was a breeze. Because of the discovery of two growths I’m due back for another exam at the end of the year. What’s more, my immediate siblings are also at risk for unusual growths, so they also should get examined soon. Again, can’t say it is a lot of fun but it’s sure more fun than cancer!

Finally, as my health care plan was changing at the end of the year, I scheduled a septoplasty to fix my deviated septum. This was finally acting on something I first considered back in 2007. The same ENT doctor I visited in 2007 did the surgery in December, taking out an extra right sinus and moving my septum back towards the middle. Recovery wasn’t as painful as I expected but there were moments when breathing sub-freezing air caused my nose to sting so badly my eyes watered. Fortunately that didn’t last long and I was soon able to go on vigorous walks in the cold with no need to breathe through my mouth. Success!

I hope to invest even more in my health this year. I continue to walk to and from work, I still walk the dog most mornings before sunrise, I track my movement through Google Fit, and I am paying closer attention to what I eat. I want to be around to write the Highlights of 2016, you know.