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Tigo bye bye


Recently I posted how I’m irked that Tigo wants me to pay to access data that belongs to me. In disgust, I removed my Tigo from my network yesterday.

Lo and behold I got this dramatic email from Tigo’s datacenter early this morning:

PV System Alert

Turner, Mark – System ID: blahblah

Monitoring and Maximizer system not accessible


The monitoring and Maximizer system has not checked in to the Tigo Energy Data Center recently. This usually indicates a problem with the network connection, meaning that current data for the system will not be displayed on the Summary Page. However, it could also indicate a problem with the Tigo Energy Management Unit.

Troubleshooting Suggestions:
– Verify that the network is working properly (Network Troubleshooting Guide)
– Verify that the Management Unit is receiving power

Please visit the Summary Page to view system performance.

For additional help, please contact your installer or Tigo Energy Technical Support.

Since I couldn’t care less about Tigo not getting the data they want me to pay for, I send them this snarky response:

Thanks for letting me know that my Tigo system has not checked in recently. Your suggestion that it’s an issue with the network connection is correct as I have removed my Tigo Management Unit from my network.

If Tigo would like to continue your access to my data, you may use the link below to sign up for my $12/month plan.

Mark Turner

I’ll let you know if I get a response.

Update 29 Aug: Tigo did respond, which is good of them. It’s still not the answer I was hoping for, though.