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Weaver’s waste

In a recent city council session, Mayor McFarlane asked then-city manager Russell Allen for an estimate of how much the ongoing Moral Monday protests were costing the city. Allen replied there’s an interagency agreement where the Raleigh Police Department cooperates with the General Assembly Police and vice-versa. “We could ask,” he replied when the mayor asked if the GA Police could reimburse the city.

This interagency arrangement seems a bit one-sided if you ask me. There’s what, probably a dozen or GA officers at most, compared to over 700 Raleigh police officers? What does Raleigh get in return from this arrangement? A dozen officers wouldn’t even cover a shift in one Raleigh police district.

General Assembly Police Chief Jeff Weaver could hand out citations to these protesters rather than put them through the booking process but he chooses to so he could “disperse the protesters.” That sure is easy for him to say, with RPD muscle doing all the work, the City of Raleigh paying overtime for their cops, Wake County doing the booking, and Colin Willoughby having to schedule court time. It seems to me that Jeff Weaver is happily spending other peoples’ money when he could be taking a more sensible approach by handing out tickets.

The whole situation makes me wonder if Raleigh should change its interagency agreement to say the city will still provide support but only for offenses that cannot be addressed through issuing citations. And the city should definitely press to get its money back for Jeff Weaver’s waste of law enforcement and judicial resources.