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Everybody’s in

One of my shipmates, an engineer who served with me on the Elliot, posted a comment to one of my NSA Facebook posts that made me think. Referencing my cryptologic technician past, he said.

You should have been an engineer. No one would care what you say or think.

This implies that I have something worth listening to – which as anyone who’s ever read this blog knows is patently ridiculous. Tales of my past as a crypto tech are about as far removed from James Bond as possible. It would bore anyone to tears.

Nothing I do or say merits any attention whatsoever from the NSA.

And that is exactly the point. I’m not any different than the other 200+ million Americans who are having their communications recorded for later perusal. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, whether you like to meddle in things as I do or you’re a complete technophobe; your telephone and Internet communications are part of the billions of collections the NSA is gathering right now.

It seems everyone is already in the system, and good luck trying to opt out.