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For anyone who still doesn’t believe in divine providence, an instance this afternoon might change your mind.

This afternoon I checked my phone and discovered I had missed a call. Playing back a message that consisted only of a name and number made me wonder who I had ticked off this time with my blog posts, tweets, or body odor. With a little trepidation, I dialed the number and awaited my fate.

An older man answered the phone. It was Mr. John Snipes, the man who received a free home renovation from Builders of Hope. I had visited him during his renovation and left him my card, telling him to call me if there was anything I could do for him. He kept my card all this time and decided to put my offer to the test.

Mr. Snipes is putting together a project to get some jobs for young black men and is looking for ways to help get his project started. As a Vietnam-era Navy veteran, Mr. Snipes is a fine role model and could make an impact for these kids. He had called me to ask if I had expertise in getting the word out (it turns out I do). He said he’s not ready to present anything yet but will be calling me back soon to collaborate.

Mr. Snipes does not (yet) email and I’d be flabbergasted if he reads my blog on a regular basis. Still, somehow he reached out to me on a topic that has recently been on my mind, apparently without knowing it was on my mind. It could not have been more timely.

That’s providence, folks.

  1. Lemme know if you need some help putting up a web site for Mr Snipes.

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