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Jim Goodmon’s name misspelled on N&O front page

Perhaps the N&O’s sports section isn’t the only one that could use some editing attention. A friend alerted me to the misspelled name of Capitol Broadcasting CEO Jim Goodmon, which appeared in a caption on page A1, above the fold, in Saturday’s paper.

Misspelling Goodmon’s name is akin to misspelling the governor’s name, at least here in the Triangle.

  1. Not quite the same thing, but it annoyed the heck outta me when WTVD ran their 1/2 hr promo show for Winterfest… they showed Mayor McFarlane’s name as “McFarland”…

  2. The N&O’s John Frank had the mayor’s name as “McFarland” in his blog post about the signing ceremony. This was corrected by the time it made it to print (and I give blogs a pass since they are often written quickly and can be quickly corrected):


    Gov. Bev Perdue on Friday will sign official documents with the City of Raleigh to lease the Dix Hospital property for use as a public park.

    The two parties negotiated the terms of the lease after the Council of State approved the controversial deal in a Dec. 4 vote. The signing ceremony will take place at 1:30 p.m. in the old Senate chambers at the Capitol. Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarland and the governor will take part.

    To be fair, Frank covers state goverenment, not city government. And it is just a blog post.

    One of the other television outlets apparently cribbed Frank’s announcement and included the “McFarland” spelling. Maybe NBC17. Come on, people: is it really that difficult to correctly spell the name of the mayor?

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