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“Dead People for Romney” grows again

Google tonight led to me to a search result that for some reason hadn’t come up before. It seems five days after I discovered I had been hacked by Mitt Romney, Political Garbage Chute blogger James Schlarrman noticed two of his diehard liberal friends had liked Mitt Romney’s Facebook page. Both friends were shocked to discover this and disavowed ever clicking on Romney’s page:

In the last week I’ve seen two of my very Progressives friends “Like” Mitt Romney’s official page on Facebook. The first time I was shocked and a little appalled since I figured I knew the guy well enough to know he’d never like that lying, vacuous moron, and he’d certainly never vote for him, let alone rather publicly declare his admiration for him. Not wanting to start a Facebook fight, I decided to leave it alone and not say anything. Later that day though, he posted a status update basically saying “What the fuck? I’d never like Mitt Romney, and I don’t like him now.” So another of his friends must have tipped him off. I thought it was odd that his Facebook profile would a politician’s page randomly, but I thought “whatever” and considered the issue closed.

Schlarrman had only learned of two cases at the time. It’s now two months later and the Hacked by Mitt Romney page is up to 545 fans (real or fake, take your pick).

What was also interesting on this story is a comment from reader Mary McAdam:

I have seen a friend’s name come up claiming she “Liked” Romney. I asked her about it because I was surprised. She never did any such thing. The funny thing is, there were 3 names claiming they liked the page. One was my brother, which would be true for him. One was my friend, which was not true. And the 3rd was a friend who died last January. So I guess ghosts are also liking Romney’s page?

This makes the third instance I’ve discovered of a deceased Facebook user liking Mitt Romney. Does anyone still buy Facebook’s theory of stupid users fat-fingering Facebook Mobile?