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Other Facebook users report Romney profile slamming

Other Facebook users have been reporting that their Facebook accounts were signed up for Mitt Romney’s Facebook page without their permission. Here are a few quotes from the Facebook help page topic:

“This happened to me, as well.”

“Happened to me too i wouldnt piss on that Douchenozzels shoes if his feet were on fire”

“That keeps happening to me, not only with the Mitt Romney page, but with several other pages–mostly commercial things like Amazon and Target, whose pages I never even visited.”

Here are a few from another Facebook help page on the topic:

“Betcha this year’s tax return’s will show Mitt Romney’s the biggest shareholder in Facebook. My page is flooded with his face”.

“My facebook is also flooded wiyh Mitt Romney posts, how can we rid of them.”

I’ve heard from friends of friends who have had this happen to them. I’ll see if I can get quotes from them, too.

Also, I’m starting to see this topic show up on message boards around the Internet. Word is slowly starting to get around.

Update 12:10 PM: Here’s another response on the Centrist Word blog:

“I had this happen to me, and as an outspoken Obama supporter, I was horrified. A friend spotted it on Facebook and texted a screen shot to me. A whole new low in political campaigning.”