Santorum’s sad campaign stop

I happened to be flipping through satellite channels yesterday morning when I came upon a feed from one of Rick Santorum’s campaign stops. I’m not sure where he was yesterday, but the video showed a room full of white people, which was my first clue I was looking at a Republican campaign stop.

The event was in a poorly-lit hotel ballroom. The advance people took the microphone and tried repeatedly to get the crowd fired up by chanting “we choose RED! we choose RED!” The crowd, however, was having none of it and the weak cheer died out after three rounds.

I turned off the audio at that point because I’d seen all I needed to see. The room was lifeless and Santorum did nothing for the room’s energy when he finally took the stage. I haven’t been following the Republican primaries very closely but if this is how Rick Santorum fires up his supporters he’s in a lot of trouble.