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Hoyle guts H1840, puts his moratorium in

Sen. David Hoyle (D-Gaston)

Sen. David Hoyle, frustrated that S1209, his municipal broadband moratorium bill, is going nowhere, has gutted H1840, an e-NC sunset bill championed by Rep. Bill Faison, and inserted Hoyle’s moratorium bill in an effort to spite Rep. Faison.

Stay classy, Hoyle!

Muni broadband moratorium put in another bill

For those watching the municipal broadband moratorium bill you have another bill to keep track of.

The Senate Rules Committee attached the broadband study and moratorium as constructed in S 1209 and dumped it into H 1840, which has to do with extending E-NC authority.

I asked Sen. David Hoyle, chairman of the Rules Committee, why he was sending over a bill that has already passed the Senate.

“I’m sending it over with something the House likes,” Hoyle said. “I can’t get a committee hearing on the broadband.”

Update 25 June: Hoyle didn’t actually gut H1840. What he actually did was much worse.

via Muni broadband moratorium put in another bill.