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Netflix continues to make cable companies irrelevant

World domination: coming soon

I added a movie to my Netflix queue today and noticed that Netflix tells me this movie will soon be available for streaming. Awesome! I hope Netflix’s entire catalog becomes available for streaming, and soon.

As my friend Tarus said yesterday, all video will eventually be delivered over IP, not broadcast networks or cable systems. The companies that get on this runaway train will be the ones left standing 10 years from now. Those that don’t will be flattened.

Ah, I love the free market.

  1. That is a great movie! Although, I have to laugh a bit at the “Streaming: Coming soon” part since I first encountered it as a bittorrent some 3+ years ago!

  2. you left out the part where Netflix screwed their customers by agreeing with Warner Bros to delay new releases for 28 days so they can (try to) sell more DVDs.

    so lame of them.

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