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N&O layoffs

I’ve long thought that Raleigh could use more community newspapers. I just never thought the News and Observer would become one.

A large number of N&O staffers had their last day yesterday. There were a lot of familiar names in the group that will be missed, but one I thought was particularly disappointing to see was the Take It Outside writer, Joe Miller. I’ve long maintained that the two things that keep me subscribing to the N&O are the columns of Barry Saunders and Joe Miller. Of them, I always thought Joe had one of the best jobs in the country.

I wish the laid-off reporters and writers well and hope I’ll see more of their work soon.

  1. seriously? Barry Saunders? The guy who throws State under the bus any change he gets? The guy who PRAISED UNC for their minority hire of Butch Davis because he is 1/16th Native American. Meanwhile, he made fun of the Lowe hire….He’s a muckraker at best.

    Ugh, he sucks…

    However, Joe Miller’s column is pretty cool.

  2. I don’t read Barry for his sports coverage, and the fact that he writes things I sometimes disagree with is part of the reason I enjoy his column.

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