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Our new home!

We’re here! It took all day but we got (most of) our stuff from Hobhouse to here with one truck. The moving guys (3 of them) had our Hobhouse home cleaned out in a little over two hours. They thought they’d be done by lunch. Instead, they were done by 4 PM! Unloading the truck was only a small part of moving in: the storage container took the lion’s share of the work. Those guys made a ton of trips up and down stairs to get things stored in our attic, but their labor was well worth it!

I’m taking Monday off to finish up the moving stuff. There’s a bunch of stuff in the garage that needs moving, and there’s the photos and pictures still hanging on the Hobhouse walls. It will take a few more trips to completely empty the Hobhouse house.

My parents have had the kids all day and are bringing them (and dinner) over in about a half-hour. It will be great to show it off!

  1. was cruising thru linkedin’s former spook group and saw that y’all lived somewhat near – but it seems y’all moved from raleigh to new bern by this blog. we’re over in winston, but i get to raleigh quite a bit. it’d be great to have some kind of CT group get-together for guys that live in NC, southern VA, etc. are you doing MS’s server 08 show?
    anyway, if you’re interested in connecting, zap me a linkedin invite and i’ll accept. john fuller i.e. jomar at kovesgroup.
    the ts sci clearance withdrawal without prejudice on your LI profile looks
    like an interesting story over swirling suds too 🙂
    by the way, do you know michael pope that does the sbs thang in raleigh?
    actually, another old ct jaime r. lives over in raleigh too.

  2. Hi John! Welcome to my blog!

    Yes, I’m still in Raleigh. The New Bern I mentioned was New Bern Avenue. The next time you’re in Raleigh give me a shout.

    So, what would we do at a CT get-together? Its not exactly like we can talk shop! 🙂 On the other hand, it may be cool to meet other CTs in the area.

    The withdrawl notice was how I was told in PCAP to phrase it on my resume. It just means my clearance expired rather than being taken away. There isn’t much of a need for a TS clearance in Raleigh and I didn’t want to go the defense contractor route so I really had no use for it once I came here.

    Hope to meet you someday, John!

  3. Congratulations! You’re in the new house and other is selling. Nice. I’m sure you’ll love living downtown. Now instead of driving to work you can get a 100 mpg Honda Ruckus for commuting and you can “park” in bike racks. Maybe. 🙂

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