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Betwixt and between

We’re in the midst of moving, with one toe in the new house and the rest of us still at Hobhouse Circle. After closing and lunch with our agent, we drove back to Hobhouse to gather another load of stuff to take back to Tonsler (our new home). After unloading that trip’s worth I went back for another round while Kelly visited on the front porch with Mollie, who had brought back a sleeping Travis from a trip to the Durham’s most excellent Museum of Life and Science. I then spent the next two hours at Hobhouse unplugging computers, stereos, and TVs and packing them into the car. I also learned what a doggone hassle it is to repeatedly navigate Capital Boulevard.

We now have five plants, a few chairs and a table, a radio, a stereo, a TV, most of our computers (!), some of the kids’ toys, 3 ladders, our leaf blower, our vacuum, and five or six of big containers full of photos. That’s the ‘toe” part I mentioned.

We also do not have our phone service active at either home now. Time Warner thought to unplug our Tonsler home from their network before we moved in, even though we’ve already arranged to have cable service at our new home. Thus we have to wait for The Cable Guy to arrive and undo what he did probably 24 hours ago at the most. Bother. Our phone service, by the way, is dependent on cable as we’ve ported our number to a voice over IP service. If you need to reach us (and you’re cool enough to know the numbers) try us on our mobiles!

After Kelly took the kids back to Hobhouse for bed, I spotted an unusual amount of dead insects around the garage windows and noted that they were barely open. I tried to latch them but couldn’t get the sashes to line up. I checked in with Kelly and complained about the windows not latching, which got her to grumbling, too.

Fortunately, I spoke too soon. It turns out the windows were open so long that dirt daubers had built nests on the top of the window frame. This kept them from closing completely with the usual force. From my ladder I easily cleaned the nests off the windows and shoved the windows up to where they latched perfectly. I then called Kelly back to stop her from stewing about this non-existent problem. She thanked me for that call later!

While waiting for our walk-through this morning, I spied our next-door neighbor out doing some yard work. Miss Ruth is a retired African-American widow who lives with her grandson. She’s just as sweet as she could be, too! We look forward to getting to know her better.

Tomorrow is the biggest moving day of all, when the moving crews get busy hauling all of our stuff from Hobhouse to Tonsler. It will be an exhausting day but we’ll plow through as much as we can. Being settled will be so worth it!

(And thank you to our Hobhouse neighbors who graciously shared their Internet access to make this post possible. It reminds me of when we first got here. There are benefits to living near townhouses!)

  1. I moved all my comcast stuff from the apartment to the new house. It seemed to go well; but, we noticed (finally) that they had not moved any of the voice mail options, just the basic service.

    The hardest part of dealing with comcast is their service. They have an online service that is manned by Indian folk. They are very nice; but, have a limited range of things they will do. Their scripts along with the internet forms seem to be scientifically designed to be not applicable. After you find a phone number and get transferred to the correct one, they fixed my problem very quickly with folk based here.

    I’m sure if you have problems with aardvarks in your phone works or any of the other standard options, the online help would have been equally useful…

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